About Me

I’m Lucy, founder of She Coaches Confidence. I’m a people person, always have been, who loves live music, partying, dancing and running around after my kids. No seriously, I adore my children, but owning my own business is what really inspires me on a daily basis and my true passion in life is helping other women to feel good about themselves.

I moved to London for my university years, followed by a seven-year career in magazine publishing, which was a lot of fun. However, it wasn’t a job that suited me – or, more specifically, the Lucy I once was. Low in confidence but desperately trying to hide it, I was faking my way through the job. Unsurprisingly, it was utterly exhausting.

The thought of speaking to a confidence coach initially was daunting, but from the first meeting with Lucy I felt completely at ease. She has a gentle and approachable manner - she is a GREAT listener - she is non-judgemental.

With the ability to gently pluck key facts and information from questions asked, and through carefully prepared worksheets, Lucy has helped me to remember who I am, understand things about myself, to carefully unravel the tangled mess in my mind by journaling and free-writing. Lucy has taught me to set small, achievable goals - tiny steps. I am learning to be true to myself by speaking out with confidence and making decisions, and I am so glad to be working with her one-to-one. She instils confidence!

I went on to train as a make-up artist and pushed myself to get out there and work hard as a junior MUA. I learned so much during this time, but again, my lack of self-belief in my ability to do my job and run a business meant that my drive to progress faltered and my confidence came crashing down. Are you beginning to see a familiar pattern in my life? I found so many things hard because I lacked the confidence to own them.

Four years ago, I started developing my own confidence. I had to – I kept coming up against the same hurdles and I knew this would continue unless I did something about it.

I can tell you with every cell in my body that confidence rocks! It is the glue that holds everything together in your life. And from true confidence comes happiness, a sense of calm, clarity of mind and success.